2014-2015 Debate Team Update

Policy Debate 2014-2015

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its non-military exploration and/or development of the Earth’s oceans.

Nevada Union’s Policy Debate Team, emboldened by 4 members that advanced to the final bracket in the Grand National Tournament of 2014, has hit the ground running. Several team members attended debate camps throughout the west this summer and the team is steeped in research and argument development of this year’s topic. The debate class is being taught by varsity team members Joe Fenner and Jesse Bedayn in Molly Starr’s classroom and Black Weekend is behind us.  NU Debate for the 2014-2015 school year is in full swing.

We bid a warm good-bye and thank you to last year’s coach, Gabe Olson, former NU debater and high school debate advocate, whose organizational skills and determination put many of our systems in order and infused the team with positive energy and a determination to succeed.  Gabe will continue to be both a supporter and sometime helper as NU Debate moves forward.  NU Debate was fortunate indeed to have Gabe at the helm through all of last year.

We welcome new assistant coach Judith Hill-Weld to our team.  Judith is mom of varsity debater Teddy Hill-Weld and an incredible supporter of our debate team.  While Judith is on the fast track of learning the skills of a debate coach, she is also making sure the tournament schedules are posted, parent forms are being submitted and tournament finances are clear.  We are indeed lucky to have one of the most organized people in Nevada County step in to this demanding position.

With gratitude we are so pleased and fortunate to have the continued guidance, talent, energy and skill of our head coach, Stephen Goldberg.  Stephen, a public interest attorney in Sacramento, has been coaching our debate team for 17 years and is an inspiration to everyone.  It is fair to say that were it not for Stephen, NU would not have a debate team.


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